Last night my friend and colleague Paulina Vilchis had the opening of her art exhibit “Escenas en el paisaje” at Talento Restaurant, on Av La Paz 2309 in Guadalajara. 

If you are in the area I highly recommend for you to go check it out! And while there try the restaurant’s delicious Asian fusion cuisine.

Her art is an inspiration mixture of soft and subtle colors with dreamy sceneries. I can best describe her work as the perfect blend of nature, life, movement and color that surrounds our daily lives. She brings all of these items and turns them into a fascinating piece of art than can easily be digested by its viewer.

The exhibit will be there through September, don’t miss it!

Yesterday afternoon my painting 'Festival de Uniones' was presented at the US Consulate in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. It was an exciting event! Many US officials were there to view the unveiling of my painting.

Here are some of the articles shown by the Mexican press:

Cool Tour - Promueve Consulado Americano obra artística

Newspaper Mural in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico on June 29, 2012

I'm currently participating in a contest called "Grupo Reforma" by the local newspaper "Mural" Here is the link to the art work I submitted:

I will post an update when the winners of the contest are announced.

Hello everyone!

I have unfortunate news on the Newspaper Mural contest, I wasn't selected as one of the finalists. I hope to have better luck next time!

The project for the US Consulate was delivered! We will add the images very soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

I want to share with you all the news of an exciting project I'm working on for the US Consulate here in Guadalajara. I’m combining various elements of Mexico and the US on a mural like canvas of 180 cm high by 240 cm wide. The painting will be very colorful and filled with symbols and designs that remind us of both countries.

Since I’m not a realistic painter, my work will be inspired by surrealism. It will be where my US and Mexican influences meet in a blend of color and symbolism. I can’t wait to share it with you once it has been finalized! I will post photos of the process as soon as it’s completed and approved.